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Money Making Tips in Dragon nest / VALUABLE ITEMS TO KEEP


Early stage Before reaching Level Cap.

Boosting a lowbie or being Boosted is one way to earn some gold in dragon nest while you haven’t reached the level cap. It basically means a stronger player will help a lower level player run dungeons faster so that he or she will level up quicker. Items will be better since dungeons will be run on max difficulty usually.

Note: You might want to be a Master and have an apprentice or be the apprentice while farming. What this does is that the Master will not consume ftg and his/her armors will not lose durability and the Master will not consume ftg so the droprate will be good. Also the rabbit at the end of the abbys dungeon will cough up 2 dimension keys each round for every member of the party. You will however get to keep only 1 because 1 key will be used up whenever you open the rabbit on the following round. Don’t worry because the key will allow the rabbit to cough up dimension fragments which can either be sold to npc’s  2.5g per 25pcs or you can trade them for epic codes/revert or epic plates at the town’s heraldry guy.

You can just sell the fragments directly to npc’s if you’re low on gold but if not You might want to stack them up so you can trade them for Premium Skill plates (Epic Grade)

Note: If you don’t party up with a lowbie. your ftg(fatigue points) will  run out  and the drop rate will be almost 0%. So solo farming is no longer a logical option nowadays.

1. Farming Jewels 

2.Farming Weapons / Dissasembling

3. Farming Gifts for npcs – this method is greatly under estimated by most players but can really be useful later on.

4. Rare and Epic Dragon Jades

5.Farming Heraldries 

6. Boosting lowbies

7. Nests and Raids

8. Daily Quests (At level Cap)


How to Grind Like A bawws From level 1 to max level

Here’s a guide on how to grind crazy fast and hit the level cap in no time.

Level 1-5

First you have to get out of your starting town. Which would either be Mana ridge or prairie town to be able to do this you have to reach level 9. It’s best to acquire all the available Quests whenever you level up. This helps to avoid repeating instances more than you have to. Which means after each run you might want to click the “return to town” just to check if you have new quests.

If this is your first character it’s important that you look for level 5 weapos with every instance you run don’t worry the drop rate is pretty good. During this level an enhanced weapon is very important. Initially you’re gonna want to play it safe  +6 this would suffice. It would be better if you find the “D class” and not the “E” You can easily tell by looking at the borderline of the item’s icon. D class or the green items yield better enhancement effect.

An alternative to this is just buy a weapon from the Trading hall.. They don’t cost that much anyway.

If you want to play it like a bawws. Over upgrade the weapons you come across to +8 +10 or +12 if you’re able to do so, the weapon will already have a value and can be sold at Trading hall. This is not advisable because even if you gather a lot of items to enhance. It takes a lot of time to enhance them. And you’re gonna need Agate Fragments to enhance past +8.

Level 5-8

Once you hit level 5, and have an enhanced primary and secondary weapon you will find that your damage has significantly increased by 200-300%. This will make your questing to reach level 8 a real breeze. Just make sure you get all the quests available.

Level 8-9

Here’s a boost to your questing experience because this is where the first “Board Quest” activates. Board Quests are very important because they give more experience than most regular and hero quests. At higher levels Board Quests can be repeated. First one i believe will be at secret path(Entrance) and choose orc base camp. You have to choose the right quest level before you enter the Instance. Just click on the Bulletin board and choose the one that says level 8. It Doesn’t matter that much which quest you choose because they give the same exp. The only difference is that some quests need you to actually read them to know what they want you to do. It gets a bit harder once you enter higher level dungeons.

Level 9-12

This is where you will start joining a party. You may have noticed high level people gathering at each end of calderock looking for “lowbies” this means they’re looking for someone like you. Most of them may demand several conditions in exchange of their help. Once you find a booster the best dungeon to enter would be Sigh Canyon (level 10-12)  An alternative to this would be Raider’s Den which offers level 9 board quests but it’s not likely that your booster will agree since it will take longer to complete.

Level 12-18

During this stage you will notice that once you are level 12 or 13 the experience you gain from each run has significantly decreased. This is when you have to put your people skills to good use. high level boosters prefer only 2 dungeons in particular Sigh Canyon and Dark tower Magic Institute. This is because compared to other dungeons the rewards would be the same but for sigh canyon and DTMI they can complete a run in less than 2mins. It’s your choice to drag on at sigh canyon till you can enter DTMI at level 16 or convince your booster to take you to other dungeons that suit your level. A good run would usually take 1:30mins.

(click here to how a run in SC looks like)

Some boosters are kind and will actually let you keep valuable drops during the boost take advantage of this because you need to save up for your gears when you reach level 24.

Here’s list of where board quests are activated according to your level.


Forest Sanctuary

Forest Of Death


Raider’s Ambush Point

Sleeper’s Temple (Repeatable)


Church Ruins

Silent Monastery

Level 18-24

Once you hit level 16-18 you can already enter Dark tower magic institute or DTMI. Here you will continue the boosting process. Try to save up for your level 24 gears. It won’t take long before you hit 22 or 24 and proceed with the next dungeon.

There’s just one particular board quest that is a pain in the ass. The king’s puzzle. It says you have to acquire something but actually you have to solve a puzzle before you enter the boss stage. I don’t know exactly how to solve it I just randomly flip the switches until the box opens.

It’s your choice if you want to drag on until level 24 or proceed to sanctuary core. The board quest for this instance activates at level 22. This is where you will most likely part ways with your booster and gather people who are the same level as you. This is when you start becoming conscious of your gears because you and your party members will be depending on your own strengths to quickly finish each run.

(Click here to see how a DTMI Run Looks Like)

A more detailed explanation of why its easier to drag on until level 24 at DTMI

When gathering a party the party leader would most likely pick those who are level 24 and above because they are able to equip better weapons and be able to use stronger skills. low level characters will only be able to equip level 16. Although there are exceptions to the rule, people with over upgraded level 16 weapons can be considered since a +8 level 16 weapon would have the same damage as a +6 level 24 weapon. Another thing you might want to consider is people with good AOE skills. Clerics by far have the worst PVE based on my experience. So if you’re a cleric or your name is David Ocampo it sucks to be you. Chances are you will be given less priority as a party member.

Level 22-32

During this stage you will be Grinding at Dark Overlord Keep at Saint Haven. An average run takes about 2:30-3:30mins depending on your party’s effectiveness. Since the repeatable board quest only requires that you finish this instance with “master” difficulty it would be best to choose master only for each run. Or have A booster help you on an Abyss run.

This dungeon is very linear. all you have to do is kill all the monsters. The key to killing the monsters in any dungeon is knowing where and when to use your skills. The best time to cast skills is exactly when the monsters spawn and the best initiate skill would be something that would prevent them from scattering. You will see that once they scatter it would take longer for your to kill them once you’ve spammed all your skills.

Some tips on gathering party members:

1. Your party member’s weapons are supposed to be enhanced to +8 or higher. the higher your damage the faster the mobs die and ultimately the faster you finish a run.

2. It’s advisable to get sorceress because of their pve capabilities.

3. It’s good to have At least one warrior in the party to quickly toggle the door’s switch and get to the farthest mobs.

While doing this, you might want to save up for your level 32 equipment. The Same Process will basically be the same you will just transfer to the next dungeon suited to your level. again it is your choice if you want to proceed with the next dungeon when you reach level 30 or drag on until you can equip your new items at level 32.

The ugly truth behind this is that Players are too quick to judge you as a noob player if you’re wearing bad gears. w/o seeing you play your character yet. Some people are wearing low-level gears but because of the skilfulness of using their characters they can easily cope up with high level party members.

level 30-32

At level 30 the board quest of Forsaken Islet Core. This map requires you to kill a camp of lizards and steal a piece of meat to lure the wolf monster thingy to open the door to the next stage of the Instance. Best to have a warrior do this. As well as climb the secret tunnel and kill the canons up top. As per DN cc’s most recent update all players will receive crafting materials for the Epic set items for their level as soon as they are able to wear them. You will receive crafting materials for 3 parts of the set equipment. which means you don’t have to wear crap all the way to max level. Other players tend to do this so crafting items will be sold on the TH and will be cheap since most players who hit level cap won’t be running the low-level nests anymore.

level 34-40

Transfer to Gates To Death City  (GDC), This dungeon has two alternate paths. They usually have the same run time but minus the loading screens. The secret path lies where the flame gargoyle’s spawn. Just enter that portal and viola you are on your way to the ogre boss. Note that your quests may require you to kill a specific boss or monster depending on those two paths. So try to know which one it is. A lot of players tend to neglect changing their weapons at least when progressing in their level. This is important because if you will join a grinding party of four members they would want to have a good player on their team and not some dead weight. So how do you know if your gears are good enough.. If you can easily pawn monsters in Master difficulty then you are already wearing decent gears.. I would recommend upgrading weapons that are rare grade only since agates are way cheaper than alteums and rare weaps are cheap too.

level 40-50

Now you may transfer to Riverworth ruins and either run it on master mode or have a buffed up booster boost you at dragon follower’s base.  If you’re still wearing those level 24 gears you might want to at least upgrade them to level 40 rare gears. because that boss really hurts so you might want to stack up on some HP. or you  wouldn’t want to be boosted there because you die all the time.

level 50-60

The difficulty between playing master mode and abyss mode has greatly increased therefor making it still significantly difficult for maxed out characters to quickly finish abyss dungeons. So if you want to level up quickly during this stage you might want to offer a high level character with awesome gears to help you run Meteor Crash Site Boundaries in master mode in exchange for the crafting materials that may drop and or whatever items that the high level guy wants to loot. Say gifts or pacultas…

For now this the best grinding dungeon till you reach level 60

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide 🙂